Byos Secure Edge Activation

How do I activate my Byos Secure Edge Device?

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to activate your Byos Secure Edge device.

Byos Secure Edge Devices can only be activated by approved Activators. Please be sure that your Administrator has added you as an approved Activator in the Management Console. For more info on Activators, read this article: Managing Activators

Step-by-Step Activation Instructions

First determine if you would like to use the Local Web Dashboard or the Byos Edge App

1.a) Using the Byos Edge Web Dashboard

  • If you prefer to activate the Edge with the local web dashboard, visit in your browser and follow the steps on screen.

1.b) Using the Byos Secure Edge App

  1. Download the app and open the app on your device

Please visit to download the app for your appropriate operating system. Apps are available for both Windows and MacOS.

2) Plug in the Secure Edge

  • For the Endpoint Edge - plug it into a USB-C port on your Laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi
  • For the Secure Gateway Edge - plug an Ethernet cable into ETH1 for the LAN connection to your computer and then connect to the Wi-Fi
Notion image
  • For the Wired-only Secure Gateway Edge:
      1. plug an Ethernet cable into ETH1 for the LAN connection to your computer
      1. Plug an Ethernet cable into ETH2, coming from an internet source on the WAN side of the Edge.
        1. Notion image

3) Enter your email address and check your inbox for the activation code

Notion image

4) Input the Activation Code that you received in the email

Notion image
Notion image

5) Successful Activation

Notion image

When you click “Done” you will see the app connected to the network by clicking on the icon in the top task bar

Notion image

You will receive an email stating that you are now licensed and active.

Notion image

6) Online in the Byos MC

Your Administrator will now see your Secure Edge online in your organization’s Management Console. Visit Edges in the Byos Management Console for an overview.


I submitted my email, but I did not get an activation Code

Please check with your administrator to ensure that you are enrolled in the Fleet as an activator.

I got an error when trying to activate

Please double-check that you have inputted the activation code correctly.

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Last updated on January 8, 2024