Managing Edges

Overview of centralized Secure Edge management from the Byos Management Console

Edge Overview

Managing Edges in the Byos Management Console is done through the Edge section.

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  • Edge Name
    • This is the common name given to the Edge during activation
    • Unactivated Edges will have the Edge Name column blank
  • Connection Status (Last Seen)
    • Online - green
    • Offline - grey with the time last seen online
    • N/A - never active
  • Secure Lobby (SL) Status - This is determined by the External Network routing rule setting.
  • Edge Type
    • Gateway
    • Endpoint
    • Unactivated
  • Serial Number
  • Byos IP address - Indicates the IP address of the Edge within the SL Overlay. The Zone determines the Byos IP address of the Edge.
    • If an Edge does not have a Byos IP address, it is not connected to the SL Overlay
  • Policy Group - this indicates what Policy Group the Edge belongs to.
  • Zone Membership - this indicates which Zone the Edge falls within.

Additional Columns are hidden by default. These can be enabled by clicking “More” in the column and additional options include:

  • Online
  • Activated
  • Secure Lobby Connection
  • Activator
  • MAC address
  • Software Version
  • Tags
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Managing Individual Edges

Update an Edge Details

Clicking on an Edge in the table opens the sidebar, where the Edge details are present. The following can be modified from the MC:

  • Edge Friendly Name
  • Tags
  • Policy Group - Indicates the current Policy Group as well as the option to change Policy Groups (and thus Zone Membership)
Be aware that changing the Policy Group will change the settings on the Edge and may impact the network connection briefly if there was a change in routing settings or the Zone configuration.

Additional Info about the Edge can also be seen.

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Network Info

For any Edge that is Online currently, the Edge’s Local Network Connection Info will be shown in the sidebar.

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Reboot Edge Remotely

You will be prompted with the following “Are you sure” modal to confirm you want to reboot the Edge.

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Release Edge License

Releasing an Edge’s license is a way to kill an Edge’s ability to talk to the Byos Cloud, effectively making the Edge useless until it’s been factory reset. You will be prompted with the following “Are you sure” modal to confirm you want to release the license.

Once released, you will need to copy the reset token to perform the manual factory reset locally on the Edge.

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Manual Factory Reset Token

If this token is not copied and used immediately, it can be found in the sidebar of an previously activated Edge

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If the Edge has never been activated previously, there will be no reset token present.

For more info on managing an Edge’s License, read more here

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Last updated on October 24, 2023