Managing an Edge’s License

How to Erase, Factory Reset, or Revoke an Edge’s License.

There are three methods for resetting a Byos Secure Edge

  1. Erase all Settings and Data
  1. Factory Reset
  1. Revoke License from the Management Console

Erase all Settings and Data

If the Edge has an internet connection, the Device can be erased. This will:

  • Remove all settings and data locally from the Edge
  • Return the Edge to an Unactivated state within the Management Console
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  1. Click on the Byos app Wi-Fi icon in the Task Bar
  1. Navigate to Preferences > Reset
  1. Click “Factory Reset”
  1. The Edge will now reboot and once the Factory Reset is complete, the Edge will be ready for reactivation

Factory Reset

A Factory Reset is meant for last resort when the Edge cannot be connected to the Network. To Factory Reset, the User will need to


  1. Request the Reset Token from their Admin
    1. The Reset Token can be found in the Management Console at Edges > Edge Details side bar > View Reset Token
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  1. Once the User has the Reset Token, it can be input locally in the app or dashboard:
    1. App
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    2. Dashboard
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      Revoke License

      Revoking the Edge’s License is a way for Admins to remove the Edge’s access from the Byos network.

      By clicking Revoke License in the Management Console, the Edge will be returned to an Unactivated State in the Management Console.

      Revoking the license will not have any effect on the Edge locally. After revoking the license in the MC, the Edge will need to be factory reset.
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Last updated on May 30, 2023