Managing Activators

Overview of Managing Activators within the Byos Management Console


What is an Activator?

An activator is a person who is authorized to activate a Byos Secure Edge. The terminology “Activator” can apply to any person who will be using Byos Endpoint Edges or any person deploying a Byos Secure Gateway Edge

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What is an Activation Group?

Activators are collected into Activation Groups. These groups are assigned an Activator Class, which determines how many Edges an Activator can license.

  • Single - Activators can only activate a single Edge.
  • Multi - Activators can activate multiple Edges.

Add New Activation Group

  1. Name the Activation Group
  1. Select the Activation Class
  1. Select the Policy Group
    1. Policy Groups are also attached to Activation Groups. The Edges activated by the Activators in that Activation Group will be enrolled into the Policy Group upon activation.
  1. Input the Activator Emails
    1. This can be done by copy+paste the emails in the input,
    2. or by uploading a csv.
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Edit Activation Group

Once an Activation Group is created, it can be edited by clicking on it.

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Adding Activators

Activators can either be added to i) new Activation Groups or ii) existing Activation Groups.

  1. Select the Activation Group
  1. Input the Activator Emails
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Here is what it looks like when an activator is added to the Activation Group:

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Update Existing Activators

By selecting on an Activator in the Activator table, the side panel pops out which will show the Activators details

  • Email
  • Activation Group
  • Edge’s Activated by that Activator
An Activator cannot be deleted if they have Active Edges. To delete an activator, please de-activate the Edges by erasing all of their content or performing a factory reset.
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Delete Activation Group

Deleting an Activation Group will move the Activators within back to the Default Activation Group

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Last updated on May 31, 2023