Byos 1.0 Legacy Management Console (End of Life)

Gateway Edge Activation

Step-by-Step on how to activate your Byos Secure Gateway Edge device

Dashboard Overview

An overview of the Byos Management Console Dashboard

First Logging Into the Management Console

An overview on the Byos Management Console

Zone Management (Alpha)

An overview of the Zone Management of the Byos Management Console. This feature is in alpha.

Group & Edge Management

An overview of group and edge management for the management console

Policy - Edge Routing Rules

An overview of the Routing Rules policy for the Edges inside of the Byos network

Policy - Edge Network Settings

View and Modify the Byos Secure Edge Network Settings. *This policy is for Gateway Edges only

Policy - Filtering

An overview of the filtering policy management on the Management Console

Policy - Threat Management

An overview of the Threat Management policy on the Management Console

SIEM Configuration (Beta)

An overview of sending telemetry from the Byos network to a SIEM

Secure Lobby Overview

An overview of Byos Secure Lobby

Secure Lobby Setup Guide

How to setup Secure Lobby

Secure Lobby User Guide

How to use Secure Lobby

Asset Management & Discovery

How to Manage Asset visibility within Secure Lobby

Secure Lobby FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Secure Lobby

Guests (Beta)

An overview of the Guest Management page on the Byos Management Console

Connecting to the Byos Network As a Guest

How to connect to the Byos Network As a Guest


An overview of Administrator Management for the Byos Management Console