Managing SL Guests

An overview of SL Guests in the Byos Management Console

What are Secure Lobby Guests?

Secure Lobby Guests are Layer 2 tunnelled connections into the Byos Secure Lobby Overlay, facilitated by OVPN. They are used for temporal remote connections from third party contractors or virtual computing resources into the overlay, where the use of a Secure Edge may not be practical.

The most important part about SL Guests are the Accessible Zones. These are the Zones that SL Guests have access, which can be shown in detail when hovered over.

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Creating a Guest

  • Name - this will be the username for the SL Guest’s OVPN Profile and must be unique per SL Guest.
  • Email - this is the email address that the SL Guest Profile will be emailed to.
    • Note: there can be multiple SL Guest per email.
  • Expiry - SLGuests expiry at Midnight on the Date selected.
  • Zone Access - These are the Zones the Guest will be given Layer 3 inbound access in the Byos Secure Lobby Overlay
  • Traffic Direction - This is how the traffic originating from the SL Guests is managed
    • Inbound Only - SL Guests can only initiate communications with Edges unidirectional. Edge cannot initiate communications with SL Guests
    • Inbound & Outbound - Bidirectional communication initiation; both Edges and SL Guests can initiate communications.
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Once the guest has been created, an email will be sent to the Guest containing the SL Guest OVPN profile. This needs to be uploaded to an OVPN client in order for the Guest to connect to Secure Lobby.

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The Guest will now be able to access the Edges inside of the Zones they have permissions to.

Managing Zone Access for Guests.

Guests can be given access to Zones from either the Guests page or the Zones page

  • From the Guest Page, you can add or remove connections to various Zones.
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  • From the Zones Page, you can manage SL Guest connections of all Zones.
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Last updated on April 16, 2024