Gateway Edge Activation

Step-by-Step on how to activate your Byos Secure Gateway Edge device

This article will explain how to activate your Byos Secure Gateway Edge device.

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Please ensure you follow these steps exactly as written. If you are having issues, please reach out to


Before getting started, please ensure the antennas are screwed on for activation.

Take the supplied ethernet cable and connect it into ETH1 coming from an access point (eg. switch, router, modem, etc.) with internet access.

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Next, plug the power supply into Byos Gateway Edge to power it on.

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Note: the USB ports, console port, and RS232/485 connector (green) are disabled.

Once the Secure Gateway Edge is powered on, please check in your computer’s network settings for the Wi-Fi network Byos which has been created by the Secure Gateway Edge. Once available in range, click connect and input the password: 12345678.

Once you have successfully connected, you can move to the Account Creation step.

If you are having trouble connecting to the Byos network, take another ethernet cable and connect it from your computer to the ETH2.

Account Creation

Once powered on and connected to your computer, visit a browser and type This will take you to the Secure Gateway Edge’s locally running web dashboard where you will create an account for the device.

This account name will be reported to the Byos Management Console upon device activation, so please be descriptive in the name. Example: if this Secure Gateway Edge will be deployed in a specific location, consider naming the device “Location XYZ”
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Upon creating your account, you will be prompted to save your password recovery codes. These codes can be used to reset your password in case it is forgotten. Please save these in a memorable location.

Once your account is created, login to the home dashboard. You will notice the device has an inactive license, as indicated by the red warning symbol on the left side of the dashboard.

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License Activation

To activate the license, please click Settings in the left navigation bar and proceed to enter the license activation credentials sent by Byos to the email address used during purchase.

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Incorrect activation information will cause a failed activation attempt; after three failed activation attempts, the Secure Gateway Edge will need to be rebooted.

Once the Secure Gateway Edge is activated, you will see it active in your Byos Management Console.

If you click on Group Management, you will see the newly activated Edge has been automatically been placed in the Default Group.

Once activated, the Wi-Fi network Byos may no longer be visible because the Secure Gateway Edge will now fall under the policy governed by the Default group in the Management Console. Please check the Default group’s policy configuration at Policy Management > Operation Mode to see which setting the Gateway Edge is in.
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For instructions on how to log in to the Byos Management Console, click here

Your Byos Secure gateway Edge is now fully activated, and can be disconnected from your computer and be deployed as needed.

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Last updated on June 14, 2022