Secure Lobby Setup Guide

How to setup Secure Lobby

This article will walk you through how to set up the necessary tools for accessing the Byos Management Console and using its Secure Lobby Functionality

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Download OVPN

Download and Install OpenVPN Connect on your computer -

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Setting Up Authenticator App

  1. On your mobile device, download and install your authenticator app of choice:
    1. Google Authenticator
    2. Microsoft Authenticator
    3. LastPass Authenticator
    4. Authy
    5. Yubico Authenticator
  1. Once the authenticator app is installed, proceed to log into the Byos Management Console.

Logging into the Byos Management Console

  1. Visit the Byos Management Console URL provided to you (e.g.
  1. Login to the Management Console with the credentials provided by Byos.
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  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile device using the authenticator app.
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  1. Enter the 2nd factor code (6-digits) from your authenticator app.

You are now logged into the Management Console and will see the Home Dashboard.


Download Secure Lobby OVPN File

From your Byos Management Console (e.g., click the Settings cog in the top right corner and click Edit Account.

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Once here, click the green Secure Lobby button in the top right - this will download the Secure Lobby OVPN file. Save this file to a memorable location.

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Load the previously downloaded OVPN file into OpenVPN Connect by clicking File > Browse and select desired file.

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Sign in using the same Username/Password combo as for the Management Console login.

If you have changed your password to access the Management Console, you will also need to update the Secure Lobby OVPN password in the OpenVPN Connect app.

Click the slider to connect.

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If the OVPN connection fails, please contact your Byos rep or email

Establishing the Secure Lobby Connection

Ensure your OVPN connection is active in the OpenVPN Connect app

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To launch the Secure Lobby connection from the Management Console, the selected µGateway device must be “Last Seen: Now”.

If the “Last Seen: YYYY/MM/DD 00:00”, please ensure the Byos µGateway is plugged in and online. If you are unable to get the µGateway to connect to a network, please call your Byos rep or email

4. Click the Secure Lobby slider button to enable Secure Lobby.

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Please allow approx. 30 seconds for the Secure Lobby connection to be established; in this time, you may see the Connection Duration and VPN Durations flash on and off.

Secure Lobby is now enabled and you are able to access your equipment remotely, using the protocol of your choice (RDP, SSH, VNC, etc.).

The Private IP address is the location of your remote machine while inside of the Secure Lobby.

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To limit your device’s exposure, we recommend turning off Secure Lobby when not in use. This should take approximately 10 seconds; in this time, you may see the Connection Duration and VPN Durations flash on and off.

For more info, please visit the Secure Lobby User Guide.

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Last updated on November 9, 2022