Group & Edge Management

An overview of group and edge management for the management console


The Group Management is where you can see all the group information within your Byos network, where you can manage the groups and edges within those groups.

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Group Management

Within the Byos Network, Groups are the central unit, with both Edges being assigned into Groups and Policies being applied to these Groups. Administrators can Create, Delete, and Rename Groups based on how they want to manage their network.

When a device is activated and enrolled in the fleet, it is currently assigned to the Default Group.

Roadmap - Administrators will be able to choose which Group specific Edges will be assigned to based on who’s activating the edge.

Edge Management

Under Edges, Admins can see the:

  • Edge Name - the local name of the Secure Edge Device that has been named by the End User.
  • Edge ID - the unique identifier of each Edge device
  • Last Seen - the last time the Edge was online.

Administrators can:

  • Change an Edge’s Group - this will change the policy set that the Edge is assigned.
  • Delete an Edge - this will remove the Edge from the fleet and revoke the Edge’s License. Deleting an Edge will mean that the Edge is no longer able to get internet access. An Edge will need to be re-activated or Factory Reset.
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Last updated on June 22, 2022