First Logging Into the Management Console

An overview on the Byos Management Console


The Byos Management Console is the centralized control plane for provisioning and controlling the Byos Secure Edge devices deployed in the field.

  • All Secure Edge devices communicate with the Management Console using frequent beacons
  • Upon activation, Byos Edge device’s are enrolled into the Default group of their associated Byos Management Console.
  • In the logical hierarchy of the Byos Management Console,
    • Byos Secure Edge devices are organized into Policy Groups and Policies are applied to these groups.
    • Policy Groups are then added to Zones. Zones are networking boundaries within the Byos Secure Lobby Overlay network
  • Zone Access Control is controlled under Zone Management
  • Groups are created and Managed under Group Management.
  • Policies are created, applied, and managed under the Policy Management
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Seeing Activated Secure Edge devices in the Management Console

Please visit your dedicated Byos Management Console: https://[customer]

  • As the owner of the account, your credentials for login were sent via email.
  • You will also have to have a 2FA Authenticator App installed on your cellphone to enable 2FA upon first login.
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  • Note: If your account will have multiple Administrators testing the solution, you may want to give them their own admin account in the Byos Management Console
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Last updated on August 4, 2021