Secure Lobby FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Secure Lobby

How do I turn a Secure Lobby connection on/off?

  • In the left sidebar, click the Secure Lobby toggle on/off

How do I see the endpoints inside of each microsegment?

  • Secure Lobby > Run Discovery
  • Add Endpoints Manually

How do I enable routing to specific endpoints in Secure Lobby?

  • Add endpoint to the Lobby

How do I get the Secure Lobby OpenVPN connection?

  • Settings > Edit Account > Secure Lobby Lock

You need to download the Secure Lobby Config file for OpenVPN. Instructions can be found here.

Can end users access Secure Lobby or run Discovery scans from the local µGateway dashboard?

No, there is no way for the local µGateway dashboard to access Secure Lobby or run any Discovery scans. The only way to access Secure Lobby and its functionality is from the Byos Management Console.

Can endpoints inside Secure Lobby talk to each other?

No, endpoints inside of Secure Lobby are all microsegmented, and are unable to communicate.

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Last updated on April 13, 2022