Dashboard Overview

An overview of the Byos Management Console Dashboard


The Byos Management Console’s Dashboard is where you can see an overview of your Byos network. Here you can see the Byos-protected endpoints that are a part of your network, as well as a summary of the device and alert activity within the network.

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In the Dashboard, you can see:

  • Summary of device activity within your network, which includes the total number of devices within your fleet and how many of those devices are active at the current time.
  • Brief alert summary of how many devices have received info and warning/critical alerts within the last 24 hours.
  • Proportional usage breakdown of connected vs disconnected devices within the past 24 hours
  • Visual breakdown of info vs warning vs critical alerts received within the last 24 hours.
  • User Feed showing a list of users and their live device information, including:
    • Edge name
    • Edge ID
    • Group
    • Status
    • Location
    • Alerts received within the last 24 hours.

Selecting an Edge

By selecting a user, you will be brought to the individual user page showing the networking information per Byos Secure Edge device.

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Live Feed

  • Network Traffic Map - a snap shot of the current traffic originating from the selected Edge
    • Active - currently active sessions
    • Blocked - Countries that are not allowed to have sessions established with. Set by the Group’s Policy.
    • Past - Countries where there were previously established sessions
  • Real-time Connections - a quick snapshot of the number of sessions per country.
  • Alert History - all alerts shown for the selected Edge.
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Active Sessions

To see a snapshot of the currently active sessions, click “Refresh Sessions”, this will show:

  • Asset - which endpoint inside the microsegment the session originated from
  • Country - the location of the server the session is established with
  • Owner - clicking ‘Whois’ will reveal the owner of said IP address
  • IP Address
  • Destination Port
  • Number of Sessions
  • Last Seen - the last time the Active Sessions snapshot was taken
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Asset Management

Discovering Endpoints using the Asset Discovery Feature

  • Active network and port discovery of endpoints - By clicking “Run Discovery”, the Byos Secure Edge will perform and active discovery of the endpoints inside of its microsegment. It will display the endpoint’s details to the administrator including - IP, port, service, name and description.
    • If a desired endpoint is not discovered, manual endpoints can be added by clicking “Add Asset”.
  • Making Assets visible inside of Secure Lobby - Adding an endpoint to be visible in Secure Lobby consists of enabling the route. Once the Discovery has been completed, click “Add” under Actions and input the description, port and service you wish the endpoint to communicate over in Secure Lobby.
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Secure Lobby Toggle

The Secure Lobby Connection from the Edge to the Management Console can be turned on/off on a per edge basis. When the Secure Lobby Connection is turned on, the Edge’s IP address inside of Secure Lobby will be present in both Asset Management

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and in Live Feed

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Internet Access Toggle

Turning off internet access to an Edge will stop traffic from flowing to the endpoints in the microsegment. The Edge will still be connected to the local network communicate with the Management Console. If the Secure Lobby connection is on, Edges in the microsegment will be able to communicate with resources available in Secure Lobby but won’t be able to reach the internet.

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Last updated on August 25, 2022